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October 29, 2016

Comfort In Chaos

October 29, 2016

A golden mask was tied on, even from before the door was opened—to be donned from the evening’s entry to exit. Clean white walls and an entrance with cascading alabaster fabric muted its beginnings; a climatic, mysterious, gracious way to begin the evening.

More and more masked visitors entered, until just full, and the night began. Images graced the framed walls, and lights were spare. Pristine sounds filled the room as each artist broke into performance, breathing out passion, talent, sound; sound that almost overtook the body, it seems, and found reciprocation in bent knees, hands high, eyes wide.

Not a soul in the room seemed to be in a rush, nor could close the evening without gratitude to the people that had given so much to create such an unforgettable experience. The feeling was unanimously uplifting, fulfilling, inspiring. And perhaps it was all the more incredible as such an event could have taken place in a number of grand, trenchant cities—be it New York or Montreal—and yet, another impressionable and memorable layer of culture has been laid within the beautiful, fresh-faced city of Vancouver. The next will not be missed. OWAKE RECORDS, Chelsea Grimm, and So Loki.